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Our land,
our environment,
our home

Our land,
our environment,
our home

Welcome to our home, the place where we were born, we grew up and where many years later we fulfill our dream to open our own restaurant, at the very same place that our parents and generations before them, ran their bar with home cooked meals for clients and neighbors.

Esther y Nacho Manzano

Casa Marcial saw us fiddle in our mother’s kitchen. Here, we learned from our father the value of hospitality, the service and the satisfaction of converting our customers into friends. Our grandmothers gave us their legacy through their recipes and the passion for cooking and our parents taught us the respect for nature, local products and producers.

Here we have played and keep playing, creating new dishes and having fun just like the first day. We try to give to our guests the best of ourselves with the purpose that they enjoy their visit and feel like home.

Our cuisine

Our cuisine is our own way to understand life squeezing the location and tradition as the starting point to create our own culinary language.

We deepen into our culinary legacy, our roots and the seasonal products to evoke the memory through the palate, contributing to the tradition with elements of surprise and modernity. Our environment and our personal mark will be reflected in our dishes, offering to our guests a unique sensory and culinary experience.


North East "Pienzu"

North East "VEGA"


Photo gallery

The connection between the landscape, the rural charm of Casa Marcial and our dishes are reflected in our photo gallery.


La Salgar, s/n,
33549 Arriondas, Parres, Asturias

985 840 991


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Casa Marcial is currently closed. We will open for the new season on the 6th of March 2020.

Your reservation is not completed until you receive a confirmatory email from the Restaurant accepting your booking. This will take a maximum time of 48 hours.

If you wish a reservation within less than 48h you should contact directly to the restaurant by telephone 0034 985 84 09 91. Reservations by phone from 11.00h to 14.00 and from 17.00h to 21.00

The restaurant is closed Sunday Dinner, Monday and Tuesday Dinner